My love of cardboard started from a young age and was almost always coupled with the act of building dens. 

DEN DEN DEN DEN is a project that focuses on collaborative, large scale space installation creation. In other words - den building. 

"The day itself was, for many people, our best-ever team builder. Once torn from their emails and phonecalls, our team got the chance to work with their hands to create cardboard walls, roofs, and bunting and paint blackboards onto bookshelves. The unexpected pleasure of working with one’s hands in the middle of a desk-based day at the office was a powerful experience."

Danny Scott, The Scottish Book Trust 

'This Space is What We Make Of It'

-The Art of Scotland's Political Awakening, The Common Weal 

"But the highlight of the exhibition is Charlotte Duffy’s cardboard box shelter which, roughly stitched together, forms a post-referendum "sanctuary".

Inside are some pithy slogans and images referencing many issues that need to be addressed, from homelessness to borders, and they do so in a remarkably inventive way."

-Chris Bartter, Morning Star