Den Building Workshop

Cardboard is great for making dens with, and with so much of it available for free, an afternoon or day is all it takes to build something big enough for everyone. 

Den building workshops aim to allow participants to engage with their environment in new ways and encourages them to play with that space and the things in it. Together we build a temporary structure that can stand on its own and house people inside, it can be simple or ambitious, structurally complex or beautifully decorated. 

Can take place indoors or outdoors (weather permitting) 

Cardboard Construction Workshop

I'll take you through some of the skills, processes and techniques I use to make things using cardboard as well as covering a bit more about it as a material.

One of the main skills covered is making something 3D using a2D material.

This workshop can be tailored if there is something specific thing you would like to learn how to make using cardboard.