"Charlotte Duffy-Scott is not just an artist, she is a storyteller.  Perhaps it’s because Charlotte uses discarded cardboard to create pieces that just by looking at them you can tell they have a history, a story to tell.  She describes her aesthetic as rough, naïve, honest and handmade, but it is also beautiful and engaging." - Redbird

Coverage of my solo exhibition 'Make As If' from Art In Scotland.

"Ms Duffy’s medium is challenging and complex, but she has made it her own with astonishing skill and dexterity. These are indeed works of art to be admired and treasured by all ages." - John Ross Maclean, Spurtle

"But the highlight of the exhibition is Charlotte Duffy’s cardboard box shelter which, roughly stitched together, forms a post-referendum "sanctuary".

Inside are some pithy slogans and images referencing many issues that need to be addressed, from homelessness to borders, and they do so in a remarkably inventive way."

-Chris Bartter, Morning Star

To find out more about the Discardboard exhibition you can read about it here