The warmest of welcomes to you. My name is Charlotte Duffy and this is Waste of Paint Productions.

Here's what other people have to say on the matter.

'I had the good fortune to come across Charlotte's art while on holidays in
Edinburgh. I immediately knew I HAD to commission a piece to remember my vacation
by, but I only had a vague vision that I wasn't sure was realistic. I was
slightly embarrassed to even mention my idea, but Charlotte took my idea and ran
with it - and her enthusiasm for the project was contagious!
A few weeks after returning home, a parcel arrived and the finished product was
beyond my wildest imaginings. Charlotte is an amazing artist and I couldn't be more
thankful for the wonderful keepsake she created for is my favourite purchase
from my time away, by far!'
Lana, Canada
'Having seen Charlotte's work in person, I was blown away by what her talent and appetite for a challenge so I commissioned her for a specific piece. The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and overall likeness of what she produced was fantastic! I'll be coming back for more...!!!'
Eric, Edinburgh

'Not only is Charlotte a creative genius in her own right but she is also a fantastic interpreter of other people's ideas and gives them form. I asked Charlotte to help me with my branding and she completely got me. She came up with images and ideas that are unique and quirky. Her drawings have given my business its identity and I'm so happy to tell the customers captivated by the branding that it's all down to Charlotte - the interpreter of dreams.'

Mademoiselle Macaron, Edinburgh

34 High St



KY14 7AP 

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